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MSc in Sustainable Development

I might have mentioned some time before that it's time for some studies on green carpet!
I have applied and been accepted to two universities. One was Keele University that has a wonderful MA Climate Change Studies that offers modular studying that combines both distance learning and intensive seminar blocks. That was my priority at the beginning. Unfortunately last September the study group did not complete, and I can't really get why people would not use such a wonderful opportunity. But I decided that I can't possibly waste another year in case next year the group would not be completed again.

So I applied for MSc in Sustainable Development in CeDEP, SOAS under University of London. It is a completely distance learning and is very flexible and much more, hmm how to say, "serious" thing. I got in! So now I also have a student loan since it is comparatively really expensive. But it also provides you with all the study resources needed- books, excerpts, USBs filled with info what would usually be lectures, and online learning environment. I am so happy to study! I just wish I had more time for that.

But what I actually wanted to say is that I will soon start posting some of my study notes here since I think it is quite relevant to the whole green thing in my life. And with that I also hope that you as readers will get to some serious thinking about the current issues in climate change and sustainable development.
Just a note- I'm will not be able to post all the data figures I work with since that's a property of the University and I do not want to break their copyrights and I want to honor my tutors.
However, since many of the reports or books are available to wide public, I will try to mention what reading materials I'm working with if relevant.

Even though I hoped I will manage to finish my studies in 2 years I now reconsider, since I might also start working again. Therefore I will probably cover only 3 modules this year, and they will be-

  • Climate Change and Development
  • Understanding Sustainable Development
  • Economics and Institutions for Development
I hope I'll manage to do some neat study notes and you'll find them interesting to read too. 

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  1. Good luck! I would love to return to school for something like this myself. :)

    1. Thank you, Tiffany! I wish you do so! And I think this program is as flexible as it can be ;)

  2. Hello.

    I stumbled across your blog through google, although it appears it hasn't been active in a while.

    If, for any reason, you happen to read this comment, I'd love to know how you're finding/have found the course?

    Best Wishes.