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European Youth Meeting 2011 for Sustainable development, Day 5- speech

Good morning on green carpet! This is the final "working" day of the EYM and today the final paper was printed. I will post the link when it becomes available online! The most important part of today was meeting in the Official Presentation of the Policy Statement at the House of the Brotherhood of the Black Heads. And... since I was selected to represent our working group on Urban Development, this was my speech:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Most of today's population is living in the cities, and the tendency to move from rural to urban areas continues to grow.
We, young people, stress the importance of sustainable urban development that would be coordinated with rural development, with the purpose to redesign and adjust cities to be environmentally and people friendly with no exclusions.
City planning should include the best practices that can be shared with and learnt from what others are already doing.
All stakeholders and inhabitants must have a say along with the municipalities in all areas of sustainable and green development of their city- strategy, transport, housing, work & services, waste management, water & energy distribution and green architecture.
The deadline of making all our cities sustainable and green is now, ladies and gentlemen!
Thank you!

As the whole presentation was filmed, I hope I will be able to get hold of the video and post the link here!

The second most important part of this day-after the speeches, photographies, cake in the reception we went for the first great and healthy meal in Tallin during the whole week. We had a wonderful lunch at Aed (Embassy of pure food), where I had a filling, healthy and very tasty Beetrood cutlet with hemp seed sauce. Mmmmm..... Unfortunately there was no time to enjoy the dessert, but I heard from my new friends the rest of the menu was also fabulous.
My single food suggestion in Tallinn- go to Aed!!!

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