trešdiena, 2011. gada 20. jūlijs

European Youth Meeting 2011 for Sustainable development, Day 1- Arrival

OnGreenCarpet is visiting Tallinn, Estonia, where European Youth Meeting for Sustainable Development is taking place.
19 July - opening day. Arrival was planned by car, but on the last moment the situation changed. It would be very unsustainable and ungreen to go by car from Latvia to Tallinn alone, and since I didn't have anybody to go with together, I decided to take a bus (Ecolines). 4,5 hours ride- good time to sleep, read materials, books, eat (food taken from home, of course- stewed carrots and cooked courgettes- all ingredients from our own garden, grandma's hen farm and local dairy).
Arrived in Tallink Express hotel right before the time to go to the Opening ceremony. Quick registration, quick chats, choosing the working groups (again) and time to go. Opening ceremony was fantastic- not just the concert, but the speeches! President of Estonia was very encouraging and enthusiastic with the opening speech, and many of the followers were wonderful as well. Great boost for this week!
Dinner at "Lido"- good food, at least the traditional recipes and I believe that lots of the products are local. At least healthy option :)
Night at the hotel- they have been very economising on the budget as we are three people in quite tiny double room, and I have the spare bank bed. Not very comfy, but I'll manage I think. The huge minus- the water from the tap tastes awful and there's no other drinking water in the room. Hmm.. will have to buy the plastic bottles I guess..
Sound sleep with great aspirations for tomorrow!!

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