piektdiena, 2013. gada 28. jūnijs

Life that amazes you

There are so many things in this world that can amaze you.. let them!
Live your life to the fullest and love!
There is no meantime, there is only the real time. The only time that truly exists is now. We don't own the past to return to it and relive it. We can never live in the future, as it is always in tomorrow. All we have is now, this day, this moment. And only we can fill it with light, love and life. Love and true connections are all around us.
The love that we share and build in our families is sacred and not to be shared further. But only having this sacred love within me I can be open to the world around me and love every bit of it and have the honoring love for human beings I meet on my way. And that's sacred too.
Be true to yourself, to what you cherish, and as open you are to the world, as open arms it will take you in to share the blissfulness of the unity of being all and one at the same time. Let the world amaze you!
Every heart is a string that brings the sound of joy to the world around it. Find the strings you can sound with in harmony to play the music of life!

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