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Summer has been a busy time on green carpet- lots of outdoor activities, less computer is always good for everyone!
But warm weather has left us again for now and in the rain I cannot go through a day without my cup of tea.. actually several.. Lately noticed that my dear 8years old electric tea pot has started leaking way too much to be comfortable and safe with a kid always somewhere on the floor. Maybe it's a time for a new one?
An offer came on time... small, cute, electric ceramic teapot..
But as a smart consumer I took a step back and started to look around for all options which may be good for us.

I looove having a tea. Lots of it! But do I need a big teapot? No, because I need just one or two cups at a time. So no need to buy a big one. I like to have my tea quickly therefore I never fill the teapot, so my impatience here serves me and earth well without the risk of using too much energy.
Still, I did some comparison of potential use of cute electric that was on offer vs on the stove teapots. Price is not compared since the difference at this moment was not big.

+ easy to use and quick boil
+ has already particular place in the kitchen
+ beautiful pot that can be placed on table for guests, no need to have a "on table" tea pot

- uses electricity (not only less green if comes form fossils, but also more expensive)
- if not careful, people tend to overfill the tank and use more energy than needed for a cup
- sometimes we tend to forget that the water was heating and have to reheat it overusing electricity again
- small tank in case of many guests

On stove: 
+ gas is cheaper than electricity
+ larger if in need of more hot water
+ whistles, so impossible to forget the hot water
+ comes in colors that can be fitted in the kitchen

- takes more space in already small kitchen
- larger tank makes one want to put more water for heating so overuses resources anyway
- our stove has only two cook tops that are mostly used both at the same time, therefore no chance for a tea during cooking
- gas stinks quite a lot and is not very healthy to breath, especially so many times a day

So our family decided to go for the electric tea kettle that is only 1l tank (and still promising to continue only needed cup boiling water policy in our home) and ceramic instead of plastic. It will also be the white cute one on the picture above, so less 'stuff' at home since it's already beautiful enough to be placed on the table.

Ahh, I'm already looking forwards those peaceful tea evenings with hand picked tea of summer!

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  1. Atbildes
    1. Definitely!
      To add one more advantage of such electric ceramic tea pot- water stays hot for longer than in the plastic pot. That's especially handy when you put it on the table for guests to add some more water to their teas. Good luck in finding your tea pot!

  2. One large minus of ceramic tea pots is that they are much more fragile.. unfortunately the top of the teapot fell and the top of it broke in many tiny pieces. Well, we still use the teapot, of course, but it is not as good as new anymore. Eh, so much for the longer lifetime of things..