piektdiena, 2011. gada 23. septembris

Film "One Beach" and REDUCE thoughts..

Even though the plan was to watch the film "One Beach" on the opening day (20thSeptember), it was shown only today on green carpet. http://www.facebook.com/barefootwine?sk=app_204155856287971 
It's powerful, it's sad and funny at the same time.. and I believe it makes people think.. 
One of the things in my mind was the part about throwing things away.. There is no such magical place as "away"! Everything you throw "away" is still here, it still ends up in your garbage, in your courtyard, in your local area for landfill, blown up in your trees in your forests, taken into your rivers, seas and oceans.. there is no such place as "away".. 
People tend to close their eyes on it.. they unconsciously think- I throw it away and I don't see it anymore so it does not exist anymore.. But it does! 
It is nice to work on the awareness of people through such art as in the film.. But first rule of "3R" is REDUCE.. We must reduce what we buy and reduce what we throw "away" by reusing and recycling (and in these two Rs we can do all kinds of redesigning, readjusting, giving to someone else things we don't need or want, resizing, redecorating and whole bunch of other "re-..."). But first we must reduce everything.. And if we need to buy, think of possibilities to reuse/recycle it afterwards.. and how it's created, maybe it's organic grown instead of full spectrum chemical use? Or maybe it's from recycled material instead of raw?
Yesterday I saw very nice umbrella, which I wanted to buy. And I reduced the stuff I buy- I didn't buy it. I have two umbrellas in my two homes, I have enough. I'm not buying anotherone just because I like it. Let's reduce! 

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